Healthcare Capital Resources, Inc., Great Neck, New York
Problem: Måger
"I have been using Bird Gard for more than 2-years to keep seagulls off my boat and mooring field.  This device has literally saved me 2-4 hours per week in scrubbing not to mention permanent damage caused by bird droppings.  I just damaged the power cord.  I am desperate to have the unit back in service ASAP.   Please ship a new one to me overnight.  Thank you."
Howard Weitzman, Chief Executive Officer
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wizard Falls Hatchery, Camp Sherman, Oregon
Problem: Common Mergansers and Golden Eye Ducks
"Recently our facility experienced a severe problem with predation on our trout from common mergansers and golden eye, both fish eating ducks.  In an attempt to find a non-lethal solution, a Bird Gard system was suggested.  Our facility was used by about 35 ducks.  Upon using Bird Gard an instant and dramatic change occurred.  We experienced only occasional assaults from single ducks which we are able to control with hazing.  I would recommend this product to any facility with similar problems."
University of Ferrara Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ferrara, Italy
Problem: Night Herons
"The Bird Gard unit you sent was promptly received and for a preliminary test in River Po Delta, in a small pond where reared eels are fed.  The field trials can be evaluated successful by us and especially by the fish farmers who at first sceptic, eventually, became really enthusiast of the scaring away system because the Night Herons were kept away from the protected area."
Dr. Stefano Volponi, Department Head
Port of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Problem: Måger
"In previous years, summer was a hazardous time where Gulls are concerned.  Our staff at the Port were continuously subjected to a cacophony of Gull calls and a virtual down pour of guano whenever someone was unfortunate enough to have to go outside.  This year we have had a very quiet, Gull-free summer. Bird Gard kept the Gulls away, our cars clean and the environment considerably more healthy.  We would highly recommend Bird Gard to anyone with a Gull problem."
Michael Jones, Superintendent and Assistant Harbour Master
Lake Cayuga Resort, Cayuga County, New York
Problem: Måger
"In past years, the beaches had to be closed to swimmers because of the high E. coli count due to gull feces.  Thanks to Bird Gard, this is the first summer we haven't had to close the beaches at all!"
Cayuga Department of Health
Daytona International Speedway, Gary's Dock Service
Problem: Måger
"We have 8,000 s.f. of docks around Lake Lloyd inside the Daytona International Speedway.  The seagull problem was unbelievable.  Bird Gard solved the problem. Pigeons were a problem at the speedway administration building courtyard. Bird Gard solved the problem.  Down The Hatch seafood restaurant in Ponce Inlet, Fl has about 1,000 feet of concrete floating docks. They were power washing every day because of seagulls. Bird Gard solved the problem!"
Gary Pearson, Owner

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